What year and model is this?!?! HELP any response is helpful

Im stumped on this one the serial number reads its a 2006 yz450f i have never seen a 450 with that exhaust nor have I seen them have black clutch covers in 2006. My feeling are its a 2006 frame with a 2008 250 motor




yz450F yz250f 2006 2007 2008

My 08 engine doesn't have that external oil line just under the water pump or the one that runs up behind the cylinder. Maybe someone just swapped out covers or painted them.

what about the exhaust dont you think thats only a 250 exhaust?

Sorry, I misread you said 250 motor. Didn't the 250s have an oil res in front of the case?

Yeah it looks like a 250 muffler.

Im about to buy it i guess i will know tomorrow when i get on it if it is a 450 or not

That IS a YZ250F engine, whatever else the bike was.

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