tools for 07 yz450f fork rebuild

Im buying the tools to do the front fork seals.. I just want to make sure im getting everything i need..

So far ive got: Motion pro for seal driver 48mm, tusk rod holding tool, fork seal bullet, and a fork cap wrench.

Anything else you think i need please let me know.

no it wasnt included... Thanks Gray!! Ill get that too

Gray, will i need this if im only planning on doing oil/dust seals? Thanks, Nick

No, but you won't be able to change the oil in the damper, or check for leaking or broken free pistons, either.

You don't need it if you don't plan on changing the inner cartridge oil.

i better get it because i need to change it im sure

the guy just emailed me back... the cap wrench does come with a compression valve removal tool. Thanks guys!

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