fluorochemical grease???

does anyone know where I can buy it or something similar?

I'm sure most of you know, it's for carb slide wheels.

I'm in Atlanta, GA

Thank you

I'm pretty sure it's any synthetic "oil free" lube with PTFE. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is one of the many fluorochemicals available, so are any fluorocarbons etc.

Basically, they want you to use a grease that is not going to wash away from the gasoline passing through the carb.

Where did you see a recommendation to grease the rollers?

is there anything I need to lube in the carb?

Where did you see a recommendation to grease the rollers?

In the "Carburetor" section (I think it's chapter 4; I'm not near my manual right now....) where it tells how to reassemble the slide. It's in the "NOTES" section there, and it says something like "Grease the bearings with flourochemical grease." It has arrows radiating from a little black grease icon, pointing towards what I'm guessing is the bearings for the throttle shaft, or maybe the steel/fiber washer combo for the throttle shaft, opposite the TPS side. I dunno.... :smirk: I never thought about it being for the carb wheels..... When I did mine last week or so, I just put a drop of thick oil on the slide wheels' bearings, and called that good..... And I used BelRay waterproof grease for the throttle shaft bearings, as it was handy at the time...... :rant:


I have a general policy of never using any sort of lube anywhere on the linkage or moving parts of the actual carb. Throttle cables are different, of course. Outside of a true dry moly disulphide spray that leaves NO solvent residue behind, I worry that they have too great a tendency to attract and hold grit. Having never found any trace of any kind of grease in an FCR that I've opened up, I doubt it really needs it, and I don't think that anything you put there will last very long in any case. IMO, if it acts like it needs a lube, it probably needs to be replaced.

Do what you think right.

How often do you guys think carb should be cleaned? I did that for the first time after 106hrs, along with jetting and spark plug.

Certainly won't hurt to have a look at it..... But if your bike runs alright, it might not need it.... :smirk:

The only reason I went through mine was because I pressure washed the bike, to have it squeaky clean, before doing my winter maintenance. I was afraid I might have blasted some water & junk inside the carb. I'm really impressed with how well these carbs seal up! You keep your air filter clean, and they stay really clean inside.....


"Stuff" does tend to accumulate in the well where the slide lives and works, and it's not a bad idea to clean that out now and then.

Three things you should not do:

  1. Do not remove the TPS unless you want the monumental PITA of readjusting it.
  2. Do not submerge and soak the carb in some killer carb cleaning compound because a) the TPS won't like it, and :smirk: there's a gasket between the upper/lower body sections that you cannot buy, and you don't dare damage or disturb it.
  3. Do not separate the upper float chamber housing from the main carb body (see 2b above)

seems like I did everything right, I also rejeted and bike runs better than new.

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