I Hate Flats!!!

So tired of getting flats!!! Third big ride in a row with a flat!!! What to do? I have been running heavy duty tubes with Slime, but no help? What is the answer? Slime, heavy duty tubes, Foam tubes, foam inserts, Plastic sleeves etc....?????? What works for you??? :)

Front or rear?

Try the Bridgestone Desert A/T and heavy duty tubes. (I think this is the right name) This tire is a heavy duty tire with more plys, I believe the desert racers run this one. I got mine at Chaparrel for around the same price as a normal tire. Beware this tire is harder to mount.

1. bridgestone heavy duty tubes only

2. baby powder the hell out of the inside of the rim/tire

3. take old tube and cut down the middle. use as tube liner

4. run 17 psi front and rear

5. pick better lines. don't just ram the bike through sections just because you can...


I'm right there with Sr. Secretatlas.

Plus i wrap duct tape 4-5 times over the spoke nipples instead of that rubber. I've only had 2 flats in 6000 miles of racing/pre-running- and one was from 1/2 inch rebar sticking out of the cattle guard I was jumping.... I have a can of fix-a-flat in the camelback. Worked with the front flat, didnt work on the rear rebar hole...

Theres no way you should be getting so many flats...unless your an overweight nail salesman from Sonora... :)

I agree with most of the posts above. The other thing that dictates what you need to do is what type of flat are you getting? Punctures, pinch flats, etc?

I used to get pinch flats pretty regularly by running hard in the rocks. I finally just decided that I'd sacrifice some traction and handling with higher pressure and I don't get flats anymore. I run about 15-18 psi depending on where I'm at and how big the rocks are.


what do you do with the ducktape? do you use it in place of the rubber band? do you wrap it around the rim several times until a decent cushion builds up? do you run the rubber band at all? sounds like a good idea.

Yep! The Ol' Wrap the Duck Tape around the Rim Trick. We been doing that since the Golden Age. Usually a couple of layers works pretty good. If you are ThumpDaddy you can use the rubber strap for your Bondage Thong! :)

Nice Rokatt - what about the baby powder?

:lol:Baby powder lubes da tubes ! :) <font color="yellow">

:D Rubber straps and baby powder :):D

There goes the high moral standards previously exhibited by the XR650R group. :D:D

Run away, Run away, Run away :D

That Little "Moon" graemlen could use a rubber strap and some baby powder. Ah-Heh! :)

I put the duct tape in the groove over the nipples. But not the whole inside of the rim. Exactly where the rubber band was. I used to throw the rubber band in the trash, but after reading all these posts...maybe i've been missing out?

The rubber band can wear out quick, especially if there's a loose spoke. The duct tape seems to last a lot longer.

I agree with others and run higher air pressure if its a rocky course or even just a rocky section.

Hey Bill......

You better be running 2 rim locks on the rear.

The rubber band can wear out quick, especially if there's a loose spoke. The duct tape seems to last a lot longer.

Duct tape also keeps the nipples from turning if it's not old.

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