426 crank

so my 426 the big end bearing on the rod went out do they not make a replacement crank other then stock or do u have to rebuild it? i cant find one only crank rebuild kits

You can order an OEM crank from the TT store or your Yamaha dealer. They are getting pretty pricey, though. No one makes an aftermarket crank for the 426s, but several folks do make rod kits. You can find kits from Vesrah and Pro-X on e-Bay for about 80 bucks.

What year bike do you have? I have one for a 01/02. I bought it for my 2000 but it was not the right one.

I think the balancer drive gear is the only difference.

I'm in the need for a crank as well. Through Dennis Kirk, I have not seen one listed. A local MX shop owner told me he can order one for under $200. I may be hitting him up pretty soon.

I had one rebuilt with the Vesrah rod kit, cost me right at $200 parts and labor.

In my opinion, putting an '02 crank on an '00 YZ426F is a great idea. The splined balancer drive gear is far quieter and more reliable than the keyed drive gear on the older crank, and I have heard tell the con rod bearing is a better piece as well.

I will not miss the annual ritual of replacing another pinched and clattering balancer drive gear key.

I rebuilt mine with stock parts. Cost me $225 for parts and labor. I would rebuild it. It's about half the cost of a new one.

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