Calling James Dean

About the acc. pump mod,

Seems it will disable any squirt at 1/2 and up throttle, hence the larger main?

Is the needle going richer or leaner? I read it to be leaner. I may be wrong.

Fuel screw should be 1 1/2 to 2 out?

Any other tips?

I ride tracks at about 1000 to 1800 ft elev.

Temp is about 70-90 now.

Bike is a '00 with a Pro-Meg (open) and an 8oz flywheel weight (for the occasional trail ride).


Do you have stock jetting? The settings depend on what you have. BK mentioned richer(?) clip and #168 main. He was also using a #45 pilot in the YZ426.

In general, things can be richened to get more consistent power. There is an interesting post on the YZ/WR250F forum on Fonseca's jetting by SUnruh about a 250F setup.

The pump mod is adjustable, so set the working stroke at about 1-1.5mm stroke. Feel the light freeplay movement in the pivot linkage with your finger. The delay is adjustable too, and this is normally about 3/4-1 turn (in) from where the rod touches the pump diaphram, less delay gets fuel sooner. Too little delay and the pump will not refill if you enter a corner with the throttle cracked, making a small amount of delay better.


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Ok, I reread the mod post and it is richer on the needle. I was running stock jetting but recently went to a 45 pilot. Unless you have a better suggestion I am copying the jetting BK recommended with the mod. Will see how it works this weekend.

Thanks for the help!


The jetting on a stock '01YZ426 includes a needle OBEJP which is a little richer just off idle than the '00. You won't be matching the BK jetting exactly but will be close.

I have another setting which gets more involved on the WR forum, under the title "To the honorable DR J, Professor Taff and Aussie Andy" by splint. This uses many different components to squeeze more out than even BK has been getting (IMHO). Look for - The "works"


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