SRC Fork Brace

Hey all,

I'm thinking about throwing down $130 for the SRC fork brace for my 650 piggy. Is it worth it? What are the pros & cons? :)

I did it for my XRL and I'd do it again. It makes the front end more stable. It will still tuck if you push it, but it's not as flexy. Make sure you keep after the bolts. Carefully check the bolts for the first ten rides. They'll come loose at least once. After that I haven't had any trouble for two years now. Make sure you cut the fender like the instructions tell you.

"Betty" loves hers, (lift - seperate), would feel naked without it.

Hey Thumpdaddy

I don't have the brace on the 650 yet but I have had it on an XR400. It is worth every penny, especially in rocks and deep ruts. Where did you find one for $130? I'll get one too. :)

The brace itself is $130, but you need the seal savers and fork guards. The whole enchilada is $240 and can be ordered from I ordered mine today - 30 day money back guarantee. :)

Hey T-Spanky, when you put a fork brace on do you still have to wear all that head gear? :D

Whats up with your link to Summers Racing? Some Poindexter site comes up when you click on it. :)

The reason that link is incorrect is cause people post with checking what they have posted.

It is the "." at the end that is giving you the spanky site

Thanks Matt for the correction. One other thing of note - (although a little pricey at $28) under the new products section for the 650 they have right foot peg alignment spacers which may be a worthwhile investment - I ordered those as well. I will report back after I get things installed and tested.

Has it cooled off in the desert yet? :)

Thump who's yer daddy

You all should check our Superbrace. They make a really nice anidized unit cheaper than the src that allows you to keep using the stock fork boots/guards.

Talk to Chad and tell him Jim Bacon recomended the product.

I know, he does sponsor me but the products great and so is working with them. :)

super brace


my racing web page

Hey Jim

Do the fork boots clamp to the Superbrace? What about the fender? I assume you have to trim it like you do with the SRC brace. I have seen the results of a improperly trimmed fender using the SRC brace and it was ugly. :)


You seem to be up on the latest gizmos. Do you run a brace, or do you have an opinion on them? By the way, Rokatt88 is my pit boy! :)


Hey Stone wall, Yes the boots clamp to a lip machined in to the brace, and fender trimming is out lined in the directions. I have a motard setup with a 17" front wheel and a CR front fender not using the boots so there was no fender issue on my bike.


web page

Hey T-D...I smell rubber & baby powder! Pit Boy That! :):D :D

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