Numbers for my new 450

Where can I get this size??


One Industries sells that style in 4", 6", and 7" sizes. N-Style offers similar numbers in 5", but they aren't as slick looking as the One's are, IMO.

I am almost positive those graphics are DIRT DIGITS

If you watch the video

You can see it on the side number plate, I would call them ask. Not sure if the front and sides are the same model but if you tell Dirt digits you are looking for the graphics I am sure they will know.


It is DIRT DIGITS.... got confirmation. You will need to call them and tell them what your looking at (MOTOUSA ones) and they can make them for you. I think they are $65 or $69 for the sides and front.

I had some on my old bike by them and they held up great.

I really like they looks of them too. Good choice if you go with them.

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