no antifreeze mixed with water????

some guy told me it is ok to run just strait water with some water wetter in this beast during the summer. he says it will actually run cooler. i thought antifreeze helps your bike run cooler,has cooling properties, and lubricates your cooling system. what do you guys suggest as far as checking out my cooling system and replaceing the coolent?




2001 ktm 200 exc

The major purpose of the antifreeze is to provide lubrication to the pump and preventing freezing during those colder months. Your friend was right about the cooling, straight was does run a cooler temp but it is a necessity to lube the pump. Regular tap water will corode the lining of the radiators. That's why recommend distilled water with the antifreeze or the premixed coolanol 50/50 from the bike dealers. Also, I've learned from experience and others that not filling the radiator completely to the neck helps the engine run slightly cooler. My 2 cents

I also use straight water (distilled of course) and Redline Water Wetter during the summer when I know there is no chance of coming close to being under 32 F. I have a oil temp gauge and switching to this formula vs. 50/50 antifreeze / water brought the oil temp down at least 20 degrees. It helped the most in the wooded sections when the volume of airflow across the radiators was low. The water wetter is supposed to make your engine run cooler than straight water. Plus like mentioned above it lubes the water pump! Very important. Just remember to put at least 20 percent antifreeze in when the weather turns cold. Even more important :) I found the Water wetter at a speed shop, I have looked in the auto parts stores with little luck.

Hope this helps


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Tim, I've found Water Wetter at Pep Boys in my part of the country (Pa). It's 6.99 a bottle there. My local Motorcycle shop sells it for $9.00! :)

Katoomkid, both previous posts provide good info. The Water Wetter does lube the internals and dramatically brings down the temps. If you're not comfortable with just running straight water/water wetter, you can change the ratio of water/coolant ie: 65/35.

Just don't run more coolant than water. Water DOES cool better than coolant. Radiator fluids (coolant/antifreeze) main purpose is to keep the water from freezing and lube the internals as previously stated.

hope this helps.


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I will have to check out the water wetter but an old timer once told me that running distilled water and about 1/4 cup of regular oil works so I believe the water wetter theory. I know that water is thinner and therefore holds less heat than coolant and that coolant is for cold temps, not hot. Normally the thicker the fluid the more heat it retains...

Just my .02


I don't think I would run water & oil since they do not mix. I wonder if the oil would ever even circulate, or if it would just sit at the top of the radiator while the water below circulated.

dont think i'd try it on my 400 but my 66'Stang' used to have a squeaky water pump that seemed to be going out and tried a trick that someone told me about. just add a little ATF and i have also heard of WD-40 which I also tried. Not sure if the WD worked but the stang's water pump lasted quite a while longer and then i got the $ to replace it!

no more squeak!

Ditto on the benefits of lubrication and use of distilled water.

And I've also noticed that most engines go through a stablization period after a full refill. Perhaps if anyone is a chemist they can explain why this is (some sort of exchange) - but it will cause it to run hot for a few hours of use.


Tim: I tried one of those oil temp gauges from White Brothers catalog....can't remember the manufacturer, but the thing lasted about 20 minutes and the needle indicator fell off from the vibration. It's one that replaces the dipstick. Is that what you have? And if yours is lasting, who makes it? I think it's an excellent idea as long as the damn thing survives.


I got mine from a place I seen tested in one of the mags. It is called XR's only. I hope my post did not give a false sense of greatness of the temp gauge. I am on my second one. The first one, I splashed about 2 drops, no kidding, barley any gasoline on it and the plastic degraded instantly and cracked, and turned foggy. I sent it back and got another one. This one also has a couple of cracks in the plastic dome that covers the needle. I just use it for testing the temperature and then pull it out and put in the original dip stick. It has lasted a while, but like I said I only put it in and ride for a while, get a good feel for how the temp is, then replace it with the original one. I would say the piece of mind is worth the $35 or what ever it was...... but it is not as great as I invisioned. I thought about making my own, but have not came up with the ambition yet. Basically all it is is a meat thermometer with a machined aluminum threaded holder, with an o-ring to seal it up.

Hope this helps


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