Mx des Nations

For those of you who haven't found the site yet, this is the official site for this year's MX des Nations:

MX Des Nations in Zolder

Last week a Belgian Motorcycle news had an article on our Belgian team. Apparently Everts is not allowed to participate because his sponsor demands him to ride in the official Team Rinaldi clothing, and not the Belgian Team clothing.

I hope they sort this out!!!! We need him on our team!!!!!!!!

On a more positive note:

Anybody who needs help tasting our nice Beers can always contact me, I'm more than willing to show you the way to some of our better pubs!!!! :)

Hope you guys come and visit our country!!!!!!!!!

I hope he gets to ride as well.

I can't go so these are the closest thing to Belgian beers that I'm going to sample this summer. Unless you tell me what brands to buy and I look for them here. :)

New Belguim Brewery

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