OT: Riding in the forbidden forests of Germany. A tale.

Thought I would tell you all about my encounter of riding in the forest of Germany. As you know its totally off limits and forbidden to ride off road in the forests of Germany or almost anywhere in west Europe. Only at the MX tracks can you ride. So here is short story of my encounter.

Well i live in a small village of 400 people. Its in the hills with lots of fields and forest around. So i explored most of the patches of forest hiking and mnt biking first to scout out areas to ride. Well after a found an area my german friend and i ventured out into the woods. He rides a KTM600 dual sport. So he took his plate off so nobody would get his number.

So there we were ripping through some cool trails and hills, mostly cleared out by the logging. Was having a good time then my bike stalled when he was riding it. Well as we sat bsing too old men came up in a car. They were hunters. So they spoke to my buddy in german, i speak semi fluent german but i was gonna play the dumb american routine. They argued over why we were there and private land vs. govt land stuff. So then the old man asked for my name, i of course said "what".. He then switched to english and asked me. Of course i gave him a bogus last name and asked him "Who are you". Anger was in his eyes. He was nothing, a hunter complaining of us riding in the woods. Saying the deer are having babies this time of year and such. My argument was, "for gods sake your logging here everyday with bulldozers and your complaining about my damn dirtbike" go figure. Which is more destructive here.

So as the story goes, they threatened to call the "Polizei". I said go ahead ill wait. Little did they know my neighbor is best friends with the polizei chief. hehe They would have never showed up, from what he said. More important things to do then worry about enduros in the woods. So we then rode on home, laughing and complaining.

From what i gather here, the hunters seem to have pretty good clout with the police. If you had a plate on the back they can call the police and a few days later they are at your door and your paying a fine.

I still ride in the woods now and then, but in my village area and at certain times. Early in the morning and not on sundays.

Moral of the story, no riding in the forest here in Germany unless you want to risk a fine. However being close to the french border i do ride in their forest. Full gas and roost everywhere. hehe Bastards. If they come i hear the fine is steep. Will play the dumb american routine if i have too. Politely of course. hehe "Sorry, brrrrup brrrrup". Off into the woods.

Later all.


Good story. I liked it! :)

Alrighty matey

My friends and me take a regular trip to the nurburgring with the road bikes but often see the locals blasting by on full up quads or two wheels then they say that theres no off road ?? it seems that they use the mountain bike track inside the curciut and villages that surround the track would like to take booth as it always pours down and there loads of forest tracks to explore it seems the hunter mob have it ther own way; remember we dont want the little birds to develop a cough as it would'nt be as much fun to kill them with a shotgun and they call that sport

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