OEM filter vs. Twin Air filter. PICS

add one more...I will never have a facebook account.

Add me also to that list ! :smirk:

Add me also to that list ! :smirk:

I fought it for a long time also, and finally bucked to the pressure of the wife. lol It is a pretty cool way to keep in touch and share pics.

I just recently went back east for an 82D Airborne reunion with the guys I was in with back in the 86-89 timeframe. We all put our pics up, both from the reunion and from our Army paratrooper days.

I can't blame you for not wanting to do the Facebook thing, but it is pretty cool if you want to keep in touch with large amounts of people. I don't get on that much, so when I do, I take a quick look at what everyone is doing.

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