Piston running time 2010 450 YZF

How many hours you been using piston 2010 450? Anybody have any problems whit rod wearing out? My frend says he need change his rod after 40h riding time. For me its sounds little less hours? Will be great if you Yamaha riders would share some information for this great machine.:smirk:

Well . . . if you go by the manual, the piston should be changed every time the oil is changed! (That's 12.5 hours according to manual.)

Of course I won't be following their recommendations. I will change the oil much more frequently, and changing the piston much LESS frequently!

Yamaha motors are pretty damned durable, and I've got proof; I bought my 1999 YZ400F new in '99, sold it in 2008, had to adjust valves only once, never had top end apart. It ran like a top when I sold it, didn't use any oil either. Great motors!

I plan on piston replacement at 100hrs. I don't plan on any bottom end work for 200 - 400 hrs hopefully. I don't race but bike spends some time at the track at WOT.

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