Factory Yamaha Europe goes for Stock KYB !

I have experinced some strange things coming in to corners also. So I put up a videocamera and did the same corner over and over again. The thing I noticed was that when coming in to the corner and braking you normaly have the clutch pulled in. Just before you enter the corner you normaly release the clutch. That´s when the engine braking comes into play...and suddenly the rearwheel slides slightly to the side, making the front wheel loose grip and may feel like and oversteer.

So I think that some of the handling problems some feel with the 2010/2011 YZ450F has to do with the engine braking. I never experienced this with the Honda´s I´ve had before.

I don´t feel this is a problem because you get used to it and adapt your riding after it. No big deal if you ask me.

That's a good observation...

A lot of coaching goes into leaving the clutch out while braking - but these days with the big thumpers the risk of stalling is much higher than it used to be...and it's much more common to have the clutch in.

I noticed with lighter riders - the damn thing loves to go side to side in the back in fast braking bumps....not confidence inspiring. But its a neat bike with a unique engine character - feels fast and sounds fast - but not necessarily actually that poweful. It definately has a "hit" to it.

Great start of the 2011 season for the factory Yamaha riders in Europe !:rant:

This past weekend the european pro mx season started out with 2 big internationel races. Most regular GP riders where on the startingline.

In France Yamaha Rinaldi´s new factory YZ450FM rider, Steven Frossard was fastest in practice and qualifying on saturday and 2nd in the races on sunday.






In Italy Rinaldi Yamaha rider David Philippaerts totally dominated on the factory YZ450FM and won every race he entered. In the MX2 class other Rinaldi rider Gautier Paulin also won all the races. :smirk:





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