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Alpinestar Bionic Jacket For BNS

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Hey guys, just recieved my Alpinestar Bionic jacket for BNS and also a Bionic neck Support. The jacket is a large however I find it to small. problem is I dont know if it actually is.

1st the kidney support wants to ride up and sit under my rib cage and the zipper for the front actually sits just above my belly button. Like a friken chicks half shirt thing. Also the arms just seem to short so the shoulder and elbo pads just dont seem to sit right and the back support seems as tho if I were to bend backwards in a crash it would push into the lowermost part of my back slightly above my pelvic/hip bone.

I'm 6'2" slim build and all my height is in my upper body and my arms match :smirk:

going by the sizing that my dealer asked me to measure - around the chest at nipple height. it is correct for me. Going to an extra large i'm worried that it will now be to big in the chest and become baggy and still wont fit right.

Now before you tell me to take it back and try on another jacket, I live 16hrs away from someone who would sell them however I got mine from the other side of australia.cheapest.

Does anyone else use this jacket and if they do where does it sit on them

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