Leftover 2010 for $5600 or 2011 for 6400?

What would you do? i have the opportunity to pickup a left over 2010 bike for 5600 or a 2011 for 6400.

just not sure what to do

2010 owners opinions? 2011 owners?


Are they out the door prices?

Yes those are OTD prices for both

try getting the 10' for $5300...if not I would get the 11'...you will get it back on resale.

Picked up the 2011 Friday after work - cant wait to ride it. finally have a 250 & 450

will be interesting to see if my opinion of it is the same as the 250 shootouts out there - hopefully i feel differently than the magazines because this latest model hasn't exactly taken top honors.....looks awesome sitting in my shop though!

What part of pa are you in? What dealership did you get it from?

bought it at Ridersville Honda in WV - 3rd bike from them - really nice people

them and tri county have some of the best deals around

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