Front Brake Pad Changing Problem

Hey everyone.

I was trying to change the front brake pads on my 2002 YZ 125 last night and ran into a little issue. I guess i didnt separate the pads enough before taking the pin out and once i did, it was difficult to get the pads out. I got them out but then putting them back in was a different story. I could get one of them in, on either side, but for the life of me, i couldnt get the other one all the way in. I could get it somewhat up there, but not even half way. Anyone have any thoughts i can try. I saw some youtube videos of people doing it and they would push on the caliper (i believe) and get it to move side to side essentially. I wasnt able to move mine like they were in the video. Help please.


sounds like you need to spread the caliper apart. I've used a set of large channel locks and one old pad to squeeze the piston back into the caliper.

Next pad change, put a knee on the caliper to push it back in the caliper, this will give you more room for a pad change.

# 1 use a pair of big channel locks or a c clamp and compress the piston and both pads will go in with ease.

I find it easy to slip the old pads in, or even one pad. Then a twisting motion with a tire iron. If that fails, use tire iron to hit bike.

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