06 rmz 450 overheats

I have a 2006 rmz 450 with rekluse clutch, when I ride the tight stuff at slow speeds it tends to overheat. In ideas on what to do to fix this problem?

Make sure your jetting is not lean (maybe richen it a bit)

Maybe you can mount up a fan? some KTMs have that feature.

You could also try a 1.6 cap, Fluidyne Rads, Boyeson Highflow pump and waterwetter (or some other fluid).

Your other options are to ride it faster or move to a cooler part of the country.

bigger radiator, you can find cheap ones on ebay that work great. different coolant? bigger water pump. pretty much what Dac said

I had the same problem...almost any time in woods waiting for group. I love my 06 trail riding-but I've got to get a handle on this problem. After reading and researching forums, It seems the best solutions are jetting,1.6 rad cap, and quality coolant. Most are recommending a temp strip to monitor cylinder temp. I would hate to go back to 2t's!

I just made a fan set-up for my bike and it seems to work pretty good so far. I used a 120 CFM computer fan that is run off a lipo battery pack and turned on and off by an adjustable thermal switch. i can fire up some parts # and pics if you want them:ride:

yes-that would be great!

I used to have that problem so I put in a few more hours riding and upped my riding skill -> slow down a bit less on the tough stuff -> more air through the radiator and less revving while going nowhere -> bike doesn't overheat.

If you put in the time, it does happen. Good tyres also help with that. :smirk:

What cured my heat problems was wrapping the exhaust header to keep the heat away from the right radiator. And running evans npg no boil over problems. I'm also running a fmf mega bomb header and a fmf q4 muffler and a rekluse pro. The only issuse i had this weekend was the exhaust melting the air box but she never boiled over.

Thanks for all the great input. I am going to try the jetting first and work through the rest.

you should also make sure ur oil level is good and clean

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