OT: Thanks President Bush!

With all the refineries and power stations that were nixed over the last 10 + years because of the Green socialist lobbying and keeping boxcar, Frankenstein and the rest in there pockets. Not to mention how Fienstien and Palosi have gotton richer by doing business with Communist china (Nice Vote record there) and lets not forget how our buddie Bubba gave away all of our nuclear secrets for Chinese Cash What a perfect STATE we live in...

BINGO EGO, you hit the nail right on the head!

To quote a line from a movie:

"This isn't the state of California, it's a state of insanity."

General Joseph W. Stilwell ( played by Robert Stack, in the movie 1941)

Deregulation of the power industry is largely resonsible for CA economy issues...

Davis was warned well ahead of time that the market reforms were incomplete. Successful deregulation is a reality in Britain, among other places. All he needed to do was follow that example. But he caved to the local utilities and consumer groups and "reregulated" one side of the equation. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

A UK newsweekly called The Economist pretty much predicted it wouldn't work. They were right.

Hey Dan, just imagine what kind of shape the state would be in if the liberals controlled both houses and the Governorship in Calif?

Oh wait...., they already do. Never mind!!

An excerpt from an article dated 01/18/01 in The Economist Magazine:

On January 17th, one-hour black-outs rolled round the area of northern California served by PG&E. And Governor Gray Davis declared a state of emergency, authorising the state water department to buy power.

This is a dreadful mess for a state that is held up around the world as a model of innovation and dynamic markets, and that was the first in America to pursue deregulation. What on earth has gone wrong?

The short answer is, botched deregulation. (emphasis mine) The peculiarly bad way in which California’s deregulation was organised freed prices for wholesale electricity while putting a freeze on retail rates. (emphasis mine) As a result, the state’s utilities have been forced to buy power on the red-hot spot market (where prices have soared recently—see chart 1) for far more than they are able to recoup from consumers.

Doesn't take a genius to figure out that wasn't going to work. Pete Wilson probably deserves some blame also, but Davis was responsible for the price caps that caused the brown outs etc.

So who does Davis blame? The Power Companies!!

Sheesh and hooboy.

Back to the refunds, please send to me because I am getting RAPED !!! I want my money back !!! Everytime I think I am getting ahead, the IRS laughs and kicks me in the head. Bast#$@s !! Between the Goon Squad and the Peoples Republic of California, we just don't stand a chance. Might as well just quit work, ride all day and maybe surf on the weekends. Only if my hepatitis shots are up to date ....

Recieved our $800 in the mail Saturday. Just in time to boost our activities on our up coming summer vacation. :thumbsup:

Thanks President Bush. :thumbsup:



Since beginning of 2006 Polish government spend 1000 PLN (about 300$) for each new born child too.

damn this post is old......Lookin throught the graveyards? ?7-28-03?

does anybody now why the 1999 yz400f servicemanual says to remove exhaust when replacing oil filter? thanks

Because the oil filter cover is hidden behind the header. You don't need to remove the whole exhaust, just loosen the header&pipe bolts to be able to move the header up.

P.S. are you sure is it the right thread for this question :thumbsup:

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