New youth concussion law in Colorado


From the news 5 website:

DENVER (AP)-A Colorado bill would prevent high school athletes believed to have suffered a concussion from returning to a game unless a medical provider has evaluated them.

Senate Bill 40 also calls for coaches of youth athletics to complete an annual concussion recognition program and coaches would be required to remove a player from a game if they suspect the student suffered a concussion.

Anybody see if this covers youth mx or other motorcycle racing.

That is a very gray area. At least most of the un informed don't think that MX is a althletic sport. You just twist the throttle thats all.

I see no issue of making people get there heads checked out from concussions before participating again. It's a very dangerous rope to walk if you don't.

I hate the level of involvement that the government puts on us but some parents are so dumb they have to be policed in the interest of a young child.

They also don't think we have heads ! :smirk: very interesting!

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