EBatt dead

Bought Jan 2010. Put it on my charger and it came back as a bad batt on the display. Tried again, bad batt. Tried a 3rd time, and it indicates charged.

Still only get the clicking sound when pushing the estart button. A buddy has a YTZ7S I'm gonna charge up and try.

Ebatt's out of biz. I'm familiar w/ turn tech, but can't recall the other one that was posted up here a while back, name started w/ S I think. Searched the posts to not avail.

Anyone recall the name?

Def do some research. Thanks for locating the thread bro.

Let you know how I go.

BTW, anyone removed the batt all together and just connect the wires, will it still kick start?

My 4cell eBatt died too, but I managed to get him to send me a 8 cell replacement for free before he went out of business.

The turn-tech has a good reputation, so do these guys http://www.antigravitybatteries.com/

I am sure my 2nd eBatt will die one day, so I'll be looking at both options.

Oh and yes, it will still kick without the battery. You don't even have to connect the wires actually.

I just spent $60 on a "tru-gel" YTZ7S replacement...2 yr warrantee...can't go wrong. i'm not a "weight nazi"...although the tru-gel is lighter than stock. Win-Win

I still have the original battery from 09 and I have only put it on the charger twice knock on wood. LOL

So I went Batterys Plus and bought an AGM equivalent to the YTZ7S. $75 plus tax. Having a problem with my legs right now, and we're cutting alot of trail for a Hare Scramble, National Enduro, and helping out the forest service/corps of engineers develop some new trail around Lake Greeson in Arkansas. Didn't want to spend the $$ on a TT batt, or wait on delivery. A lot of stopping and starting, much off-camber terrain so estart was a necessity. Go ahead say it, I'm a pu-$$-y.

Bike fired right up. Also adjusted the valves last week for the 1st time in 1700 miles. She was getting hard to start and had a noticeable lack of compression. Exhaust were fine but intake zeroed out. That explained it. What a difference. Shouldn't have waited so long. I use 0W40 Mobil one and everything looked great internally.

BTW, I cut into my ebatt and all it is is 4 cells with 3 bridges spot welded on and a negative and positive cable welded to each end. No circuitry. If I knew exactly what batt’s to get I think I could just solder together my own. The only markings on them are S/N apparently. So do you think the 8 cell was just 8 of the same cells as the 4? Hmm

Shorai? Here is the thread.


Keep in mind, the poster who reccomened the shorai type and slammed the turntech had only 5 posts...hmmmm. Not attacking them just saying salesman sounding.

Yes, that was me that discussed both the turntech and the shorai and no I do not work for either company. I do however own both batteries and feel I can have an opinion about the quality of the two products. My opinion still stands that the shorai is a better product and after using a LiFePO4 battery I will never again buy a lead acid of any type for one of my bikes.

No disrespect intended Lupuswins, just have seen folks do that in other forums I frequent. With as many bikes as you have in your barn I'm sure your on point.

Lpambianco1: appreciate it. I have been a lurker on thumpertalk for awhile and this is the first product I was really jazzed about.

If you run a LiPo battery all the way down, that will ruin it quickly. It is not like a lead acid battery that if it goes dead and you immediately recharge it, it will probably be fine. A LiPo goes dead and you better plan on replacing it.

Many of these LiPo batteries are a bunch of A123 cells. Each cell is about 3.4 volts so a four pack is about 13.6 volts and about 2.5 AHr. This is for the R/C folks but is a decent write up.

I am one of those R/C plane nerds...is anyone running their own custom LiPo batteries? I have quite a few 3-cell 5000 mAh batteries (11.4v), not sure how the Kawi charging system would handle it?

3 cell is not enough, you need four.

I wouldn't use Lithium Cobalt Oxide in a bike (LCO is the chemistry that most LiPo cells are made from (LiPo=lithium polymer and is a construction type), the cells that jimmyh has are LiPo made from LCO) .

Too much of a risk of the battery going off, especially using 3 cells and charging from the bike, if you put those cells in your bike and connect them to the charge system you'll be charging each of them to 4.7-5V (14.4-15V for the battery).

What chargers are you guys running for a LiPo ?

Just installed the Shorai battery...or as my co-worker called it a "toy" battery. Fired right up! :thumbsup:

This thing doesn't weigh much. Hope it works out for me. Riding in the morning.

Got ready, bike started right up, loaded bike...truck won't start :thumbsup:

Guess I'm not riding today

Shorai ride report postponed

What chargers are you guys running for a LiPo ?

Standard, no frills battery tender is fine. You cannot use a charger that has a desulphate mode.

pffffft have you seen what a lipo battery does when its short out dont want one of those things between my legs

This is just my first impression. Starting it in the garage, it doesn't seem to crank as well as the Lead Acid. Really close, but....

We'll see today. Headin out

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