Used different pipe/silencer combos on YZ-250? I need your input, please.

Looking to compete the Blackjack Enduro Circuit in Arkansas this spring.

I'll be running my 2001 YZ-250. Engine is stock except for Wiseco piston. Running a JD jet kit - 48/172.

I've been running the stock pipe and muffler since I got the bike 2 years ago, but they require a USFS-approved spark-arrester muffler, and my stock pipe is pretty banged up. So I'm in the market for a pipe/silencer.

The riding in Arkansas is mostly tight, hilly 1-track, with some semi-fast sections thrown in.

I run stock gearing (14/50). This gearing is pretty good for the type of riding I do, and I'm using 3rd gear most of the time, clicking into 2nd for little hill-climbs, etc. Rarely use 1st gear. So, I'm thinking about going a little taller on the gearing so I can use 1st and 2nd more, plus allow the bike to be a little more relaxed when traversing fire roads, etc. Maybe a 14/48, or even 15/50 (if a 15T front will fit...anybody know?).

Anyway, I have enjoyed the stock pipe/silencer. I think it has a pretty good combination of low/mid/top-end, but I think I might like a bit more low/mid (who doesn't, right!).

I've always liked the look of the Pro Circuit stuff. I was wondering who here has used Pro Circuit pipes and FMF pipes both? How did they compare to one another?

FMF Gnarly vs. Fatty vs. Pro Circuit?

Short silencer vs. long?

Any information is appreciated.


I myself picked up my pc platinum 2 header. And I may run the stock silencer or the pc shorty for my 07 yz250

But the gnarly is a bottom to mid pipe. I heard it pulls really hard in the bottom to mid but flattens on top. But that will definately make your bike more torquey. But like if tour doing long straights this pipe may not be for you. Also it has I think 18 gauge metal to reduce big dents when you wreck or get in rocky situations.

The pro circuit. Platinum or platinum 2 are both good pipe.

The platinum adds power from bottom to top. And gives you a little more everywhere. Plus you can get I think the works version or the nickel plated one.

The platinum 2 is like the gnarly but I heard it's better. But I'm not sure I didn't ride it yet. But the platinum 2 offers more bottom to mid like the gnarly. But I also heard it pulls And screams up top too. And it also has 18 gauge metal as well to reduce dents etc.

Now as for silencers. Pro circuit and fmf makes a couple. Fmf has the turbine 2 which is a quiet exhaust and the q stealth as well. Which are forest silencers.

And same with PC but I can't remember the nMe and number they give them but they oakl offer the same thing I would say.

Also quick thing bout silencers. From what I know the shorty silencers add some more snap to the motor but you do loose some top end power. And for the longer silencers, they ad more up top and I'm not sure if you loose bottom or not.

Thanks man and good luck


Oh yeah I forgot. The fmf fatty Is good too. It adds power everywhere as well. Just lllike the pro circuit platinum. It also comes in a works edition and nickel plated edition too.

You will have a tough time finding anythign that pulls down low like the stocker. The Pro Circuit does on the dyno chart, but its not quite as responsive.

The DEP offroad pipe would work well for what you are doing. I doubt you could tell a difference testing a stock pipe and a factory fatty back to back. They are very similar.

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