Plastics Question

Probably a dumb question, but has anyone tried to fit 08 TC plastic on an earlier 06-07 TC. There are some obvious differences, but how close or far away. Just wondering since my ole 2006 TC 250 is going to be around for a while!

I don't think it's that close. Very different frame. Different gas tank. Even the rear fender is different (and not interchangable). The front number plate should fit, though.

Not even close the only things that fit are the front fender.

This guy did it cosmetically though:





Newer 2-stroke bodywork?

Newer 2-stroke bodywork?

No... he just trimmed it up.

If you look at the third photo you can see the points from the number plate folded under.

He probable used just a knife and a good heat gun.

Very clean. :smirk:

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