Little treat to myself!

So i just bought a VIP Zone pass for the Southwick National this year as an early birthday present to myself (about 7 months early hehehe). i figured i'm going to spend $35 to get in and probably $20 in food so i might as well buy the VIP pass and get, All day Pro Pit Pass, free National T-Shirt, Catered Lunch, Souvenir Program book, Bleacher seating, Tent seating, Drinks and Snacks, Live Timing and Scoring and Transportation to and from Pits. Totally worth $200 bucks if you ask me

I agree. If you're gonna go to a National, why not get the total package? :smirk:

Congratulations. Enjoy the race!

i will man, its going to suck waiting till the end of august especially cause here in new england we race southwick like 3 or 4 times a year

Congrats, you deserve it. :smirk: I would love to see a race at Southwick, lots of history. I live out in Southern Cal, so not get the chance any time soon.

Enjoy the race and the rest!

Sounds the Nats....I go to Mt Morris Pa....outdoors rule.....Some of the best presents are to me, from me a great time......

Some of the best presents are to me, from me

HAHAHAHA so true

Awesome! Congrats on a very well thought out birthday present!

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