1992 DR 350 -- Good purchase?

Hey everybody!

Looking to pickup a better "buddy bike" for friends, and I'm thinking the suzuki DR350 might be nice. It supposedly has the adjustable seat height, which wil lwork with height challenged friends.

I'm mostly curious about the following:

-Availability of parts (Used and new)

-Durability of the bike (engine, and in general to crashes)

-Comparison powerwise to an XR250 or TTR250.

Thanks in advance,



Easy and forgiving to ride. Not a lot of HP, but 6-speed pulls like a tractor.

Very durable and reliable (once you get the stock bars off, and some bark busters on.)

Most consumable parts are pretty easy to get -- lots of eBay stuff available.

If you get the dirt model it comes with a very decent Mikuni pumper carb. -- this works quite a bit better than the Mikuni CV carb. on the street-legal model.


The suspension is not really up to snuff for fast offroad stuff -- experienced riders will be disappointed.

Can be hard to start if it is not well tuned.

Not a lot of HP, but 6-speed pulls like a tractor.

I have a 92 Street model -- I have added the pumper carb., modified airbox & (too loud) SuperTrapp exhaust. I am working on upgrading the suspension -- I have stiffened up the front a bit so far, and I am considering either Gold Valves or possibly a complete front end swap for something newer.

So far I am very happy with it, and I would happily buy it again.

I use it primarily off-road, but I also commute on it when the weather is nice (25 miles a day round trip, I avoid the highways if possible.)

I'm an old man now, so I'm not really interested in jumping over stuff... I still enjoy riding around town on 1 wheel like a hooligan -- it does that just fine. :smirk:

It's the offroad bike. Good to know it comes with the Mikuni carbs.

Like I said, this wuld be a buddy bike. I don't care about it's ability to rip at high speeds. i doubt it will ever see much (if any) use at high speeds.

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