Xr200r exhaust flange

I bought a 93 XR200R with the top end apart, got it put back together but i can't get the exhaust at the head to tighten up correctly. The gasket is in place, but when i tighten up the flange ,the two pieces that pull the pipe up tight are still loose. Any suggestions? Thanks

Couple of possible causes:

1. The engine end of the two pieces (Honda calls them 'collars') need to seat on the little flange on the end of the pipe, they push the pipe into the head against the gasket when you tighten the nuts on the big oval washer. With only two hands these can sometimes be difficult to hold in place while holding the pipe, positioning the big washer, and starting the nuts. Check the engine side of the big washer for a recess to help hold the collars in place. Also this part fiche http://www.mrcycles.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=188046&category=MOTORCYCLES&make=HONDA&year=1997&fveh=4248

2. Are the studs installed far enough into the head.

Thanks for the reply Chuck. i think i have the collars right , it looks like they would hit the cooling fins if they weren't against the pipe. The studs are in far enough, the flange touches the head when i tighten it up. ?????

The flange should not touch the head when the nuts are tightened. The collars have a flange on one end, the part fiche shows it against engine. I haven't had problem with installing pipes so my recollection of installation details isn't very good, and I'm miles away from my bike for a look see. Hopefully some others will chime in.

There is a link in the CRF150-230 forum for an online manual, pipe install is the same as the XR200.

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