Will a YZ 125 and YZ 250 parts interchange?

I'm thinking about buying a 2004 YZ 125, to have a extra set of suspension for my 2004 YZ 250. I don't think they will have any problem but haven't been able to look close enough at both to make sure. I figure the only difference between them are probably the spring rates. Am I correct? If so will most other parts also interchange (wheels, brake calipers, ect...)?

Thanks in advance.

I believe most parts are inter-changeable.. Especially on like years..

Spring rates and valving are different, if talking about the same year parts.

even the wheels too? (hub, brake rotor, rim)

Spring rates and valving were different but everything should mount right up.

Yes, However, the rims themselves are different widths :smirk: But the hubs will mount up

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