kx250f valve springs

I bent a valve a while back(put it together out of time) so Im rebuilding. When I took it to LC motosports for the guides and seats($220! ridiculous!) the guy told me with the kibblewhite valves I bought I will need a stiffer spring, I just ordered oem springs thinking they will be good, and I dont see anything labled any different. What springs do you guys suggest? I dont want to spend an arm and leg considering I'm running out of arms and legs after buying everything else.

Thanks guys.

get ahold of dave @ mxtime.com he can help you get the right springs.. Tell him Adam From laporte sent you.

If you were going to do it yourself kibblewhite makes a spring kit. I think they retail for around $200. They come with the correct sping pressures for the SS valves. The kit also comes with new retainers. I have used them on alot of my customers quads and have had no issues with them. What bike do you have, I can get you a part number.

OE valves get OE springs. KW SS valves require a heavier spring since the valves are heavier. With the stock Ti valves, the spring rate is less. Mix and match in this area is a recipe for disaster since a heavy valve on a light spring will 'float" a valve at higher rpms.

If you decide you can use Cannon Racecraft bee-hive springs (always work great for me when using stainless valves in this bike), I have a new set I dont need that I will sell you cheap. PM me.

The bike is a 2005 kx250f. I called kibblewhite and they say the same, oem valves get oem springs kw ss valves get kw ss springs. Now the question is what is better the stock ti or the kw ss?

I've heard good things about the Kibblewhites. I think in the long run, you'll be better off with them. I did the pricing either way and with the Ti valves it was right around 425. When I priced stainless valves and new springs the price was almost identical. I also found some good pricing through ATV Unlimited on ebay.

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@red85 I went with the kibblewhites I've heard good things about them too. I bought this bike 2 years ago as a first bike cause I thought it was a good deal. I had no idea of shimming valves or any of the mantenance that goes with it and just rode the piss out of it push starting it for a long time. Was thinking about selling it for a 2-stroke for maintenance reasons because all I do is trail ride. Im hopefull that with the new valve kit, piston kit, shimming and keeping the air filter and oil fresh it will be a strong running bike for a good while?

Kibblewhite springs are shot peened, dual wound which allow higher revving and longer life. They are rated to a lift of .445 in. for the KX250F which means you can run even the highest lift aftermarket cams with them. The spring kit comes with titanium retainers to reduce the moving mass. I think you made a good choice. You did have the seats cut? right? You need to do that if you want top performance.

Yea I got the seats cut, bought a pro-x standard bore piston kit as well it should line up with the valves right?

You will have no piston and valve clashing issues with the stock cams.

I got it all together ran for about 30 min and died. I pulled it apart and my collet on one of my intakes was sitting on top of the spring. I think my collet failed should I have not used oem collets? KW guy said I should be good, i know it was timed right and valve specs were good

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