2004 CR125 Primary Gear

Hey everyone. I just removed the primary nut and gear to get at the seal behind it. I removed the nut and gear and pulled out the sleve/bushing behind the gear. There is a distinct wear line on this bushing right where it contacts the outside edge of the seal. Is this a machined grove for the seal, or is it wear. I looked at the parts break down and there isn't enough detail to tell if there is a machined grove or not. Just don't want to replace the seal and find out it still leaks because the sleve/bushing is worn out!! Sorry I have no access to a camera right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smirk:

The Bug

gonna need a pic. i don't remember if i had the same wear on my 02 cr 250 when i broke it down. If it has lasted 7 years and just started to leak now, I would just put new seals in it and run it. Why not take the bottom end all the way down and check the crank, con rod, and replace the main bearings while youre doing it?

If it's never been changed before, just replace it. They're like $20.00 from Service Honda. For what it's worth, I've never seen one that had a machined groove.

Thanks for the responses. I just brought it by a friend of mine who is a mechanic. He says not to worry about it especially since you can put it in the other direction. The crank was really tight and didn't feel the need to split the case halves this winter. Will plan on it next year. Just did the top end and the clutch this year. Thanks again everyone.

The Bug

It's not machined in there. It's simply wear from the seal. I'd say as long as as it's not too deep you'd be fine. Flipping it around should be OK as long as it's symmetric, which it should be (my 93's was and had the same kind of wear, not sure if I flipped it around though). As far as I know, I'm not leaking haha! If it does leak at some point, you can replace the seal, collar, and rightside case gasket for about $38.71. The parts are identical on my 1993 except for the gasket, but even those may be compatible haha! Pretty crazy how some parts don't change over the years...

You could just to say feel the wear with a fingernail. Yes they are symetrical! Replaced the seal to eliminate one more possible reason for eating plugs! Was in replacing the clutch anyways.

Thanks again everyone.

The Bug

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