How to get race ready.

I just got a 2011 from the dealer on monday, and need to get ready to race in a couple months. I have ridden it once and the motor feels soft, and honestly, it feels uncompetitive. Also, the clutch is a joke. How the hell did they let that get through R&D?

Anyway, I have a few things ordered, suspension is already done. Any tips on how to help bring this motor alive? I know it's in there. Would a slip-on exhaust be the best bet?

Also, any ideas on how to get the clutch up to par?

Lastly, any other things you can think of to get this bike race ready would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys

An MRD exhaust and remap the ECU and you should be good to go. The motor will come to life.

Never thought I would hear someone say a 450 feels

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