Yellow Hurricane Graphics on White Plastic?

Is anyone running the yellow hurricane graphics or any other yellow graphics on their white plastic? Thinking about doing this for my spare set of white plastics that I have laying around. Pics please. Thanks.

i think there are pics of white plastics with 06 special edition graphics. looks really clean. I think if you check the stickies you will find it. hold on ill look

is this what your looking at?

from Wyatt

That does look good! :smirk:

That does look good! :smirk:
It really does. :rant::thumbsup:

And the graphics are only $200 (shrouds only) :lol:

Wow, that white does look very nice!

I purchased a new 2007 Yamaha 450 in...2007 and right away I went ahead and also purchased the One Industries "Hurricane" plastic and graphics kit just in case they discontinued it. I have stored the kit in one of my coat closets and plan on applying it when my original plastic is junk. I have kept it out of the heat and sun - still in the package. I just hope the adhesive is still sticky?

I am of the "old school" generation and must say that the Yamaha blue or white for that matter never really sat well with me and when I saw the 2006 special edition, I almost purchased it just for that color scheme, but almost because the 2007 was a bit better bike. My favorite bike as a kid was my 1983 YZ-125. Loved that thing!!

Anyway, bmxdad2001 take a couple of pics when you get it done and show us!


what about those se graphics on blue plastics

Still waiting to see if anyone has YELLOW graphics on their white plastic. Please if you do post a picture. Thanks.

Here's mine:


Goose.Good looking bike.Graphics are an eye catcher.I know this is an older post but are the graphics t-4 from decalworks? Like the red accents also.Nice ride.

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