Is parting out a 1982 XR250 fully rebuilt a good idea?

Hey everyone,

So I've got a 1982 XR250 that was my first dirtbike, and I've been using as a buddy bike for some time, but it just kind of... sucks! The lack of a rear disc brake make the beast really difficult for braking. I just can't get the rear brake to work right, and when it's wet, it's worthless. I've also tried selling the bike as a whole for a bit now to uprgade, but I just can't seem to get any interest in it right now (perhaps because it's winter).

So, would parting it out be feasible? I wonder what the interest for parts is...

-It's got a fine motor. It was recently rebuilt, it pulls great, starts first kick, etc etc.

-Fully rebuilt and revalved suspension by a racetech suspension guy just a few months ago

-Motor that was rebuilt not too long ago, and works fine

-CR500 front end conversion that will bolt right up to any other XR250.

-Mots of the plastics are intact, although somewhat beatup.

-Perfectly fine frame.

-Wheels in excellent shape

etc etc etc...

some interest, but only for bargain prices. (in general)

The front end will sell easily, $300 or so I would guess (with wheel and brakes)

Not sure about the motor but that's about it for 'real' value to get out of it. Wheels are $50 or so. ??

Parting is a pain, endless trips to get boxes and to the UPS or post office to ship $10 parts gets old.

And that's assuming you have room to have a torn down motorcycle laying around for the 2 years it will take to get rid of everything you don't end up scrapping. :rant:

Got the same problem, 2 clean old bikes that nobody is interested in. But I hate to "kill" them and part and I don't want the parting out hassle.

So they sit............. :smirk:

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