Trailer is sick :smirk:

Trailer is sick :smirk:

very sick definately gettin it

Sweet....those guys are railin' in the trailer.

Looks like a no BS movie, which is great!!!!

geeze just the trailer made me want to go ride

Ya me too....

i feel the need to pre order!

Wiley Watson movie. 'nuff said.

whats the release date?

i think its cool that there is a husaberg rider in there

looks vvveerryy good i want it.

bought one

it will be shiped on or maybe before the 28th


that looks fantastic.

brilliant trailer and sample videos...:rant:

just ordered it and gon'a be the first in South Africa to get my grubby paws on it :lol::smirk:

Thanks for sharing!

As soon as I saw Kyle Redmond ride up that stump, I knew I wanted it!

wil it be available as a digital download, ie itunes or amazon ?

Bought it. Can't wait. Good looking out!

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