husqvarna 610te

hi all, joined the forum hoping for a little advice, a husqvarna 610te supermoto has come up for sale in my local area.

i've had bikes all my life but have a very limited knowledge in husqvarna's.

The main thing i wanted to know is do they need regular engine rebuild's etc? or are they the same as any normal road bike. Any known problems to them? anything to watch out for? sourcing of parts? and overall good bike or not?

This would be much appreciated,

many thanks Tom

Hi , they are pretty tough,

but it's a s-moto .. NOT a "normal roadbike",

if it's e-start then it's pretty sound as a street bike,

if its a left kicker then its essentially a MX race motor , will put up with a little street work but not ideal as a daily commuter ride,

parts are fine , but your local Honda agent won't help you,

mostly shop online,

or a few UK specialists.

Charlie - Oxford

If it's the left kick, i have to agree... an awesome motor with very good power/TORQUE!

but not the happiest motor to cruise down the highway all day with. but for racing your buddies on the track or in the city/twisty roads... I've *heard* that they're really great for that. Mine just doesn't like sustained high speeds for hours on end.

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