A few Qs for the ktm 50 guys

I've been looking for a ktm 50 mini adventure for my 6yo son. he now has a pw but i wanted somthing better for when we go to the track.

found an add for a 07 ktm 50 mini. after seeing the pics he sent, I noticed the graphics said sx 50. now the bike is air cooled and has disk front brakes and drum rear. from what I've found on sites like bikez, all sx bikes are water cooled with disk brakes and all adventures are air cooled but have drums front and back. What bike is this? oh, and he said it has the 12mm carb.

What I want is the tame power band of the adventure and no more than a 23"seat height, the disk is a plus.

BTW, he wants $1,100 for it and said it has a fresh top end, foot brake conversion, new plastics and needs nothing. whatayathink. :smirk:

The 50sx is by far the better bike. You can adjust the clutch so he can't just zip off on it (just like the adventure) and you can install a "Restrictor kit" so that it also makes less power. IMO, you son will be much happier with the sx as it should last him until he's 9 or 10 (assuming that he's not ready for a 65 before then). The adventure 50, sad to say, will likely be outgrown in a year. $1,100 for an '07 50 sx in good condition is a reasonable price.

However, you bring up a good point. The '07 50sx (junior and standard) was water cooled. If the guy is selling you an air cooled 50, it isn't an sx*. The '07 50 Senior Adventure is air-cooled with disk brakes. Here's a link:http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/ktm_50_senior_adventure_2007.php

Is that the one?

*edit: found out later, it is, and it isn't... keep reading. :smirk:

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I don't think thats the same bike, it looks much taller than this bike, and this bike has a 12mm carb, it looks like in the specs that 1 has a 14.

Check this thread I found, it looks like it may be a late 07 (same as 08) from what someone posted here.....

In posts 1, 3, 8, and 10, they talk about the 08s having front disk and air cooling, maybe bikez has it wrong.

wish I knew how to post pics from my e-mail. that may clear this up.:smirk:

Just upload to photobucket.com then attach the photo to your post.

I think that '07 could be an '07 mini sx (same engine as the adventure and a 12mm carb). Just found the KTM link here: http://www.ktm.com/download.php?dataID=6075H1_OM_EN.pdf

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That's it!

At the top it says 08 sx mini / mini adventure. Looks like some time in 07 they dropped the adventure name and went to sx mini. this must be a late 07 as the 10th digit is a 7.

Thanks, I'll work on the pics.


For the track I'd steer clear of the adventure. That's more trail oriented. Get the sx

There is also an inexpensive mod you can do to the clutch. You can take the adventure springs out of the clutch (10 bucks online most anywhere) and put them in the SX and when he's ready for more power you can go back to the SX "washer stacks". If you're mech-savvy you can play with the Gearing after that. Some folks shave then re-cover the seat for the height. I agree with David, if he takes to the sport he will want more very soon....

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