02 YZ125 Miles Per Tank Of Fuel?????

I have a 02 YZ125 and my son plans on riding it this year in the VCGP. The course is 25-30 miles long and I am on the fence on wether or not he would make this on a single tank? Of coarse I will have him bring a bottle in his pack but this is his second event he has entered, Wilseyville was his first, and I have never attempted to set a range on this tank. Any input will be appreciated!

You might be able to make it. But a lot depends on how the bike is jetted and how hard it is ridden. If it is jetted extra rich, or he rides at a very high level, then you probably won't make it on the stock tank.

I can get about 20-25 miles on my stock tank on my '06 YZ250, but I don't ride it very hard anymore.

It will be close.

Especialy if it's sandly.

Last time i owned a 125,couple years ago, it always seemed to be on the main jet.

You guys are crazy. We used a GPS to track the mileage on my 2003 125 (riding trails, so obviously not wringing it as much as other places), and I got about 49 miles. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you can make a 25-30 mile loop.

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