starter issue?

I've got a 94 650xl that sits a fair amount and the battery was always barely able to start it and then was dead. Charged the battery on a trickle charger for a day and all I get is a single click near the battery, solenoid? I bought a new battery because I needed one anyway but the same thing, just a click, no spin. Any ideas. Thanks

The starter relay. I think the stock location is in the battery box. You could also "jump" the starter with a heavy lead from the good battery to the postive pole on the starter to bypass the relay, to check that is your problem.

So I tried a novel approach and read my manual, the trouble shooting chart indicates that if there is "clickiing" then it is the starter not the relay. Indeed, I pulled the starter and it was frozen. I got it freed up and reinstalled it for the mean time and will source a new starter motor. Thanks.

you can get rebuild kits for them for around $30.

+1 on PDX's advice. It is unlikely that your starter is shot. Most likely a rebuild will get it back in the game.

Or you can get a used one with a rebuild kit thrown in for about 50 clams on AD the fleamarket for sale by kubiak...:smirk:


Thanks for the heads up, a rebuild kit I shall seek.

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