2007 CRF 450 Fork Spring Seats. Removal?

Does anyone know the proper way to remove the spring seats on a 2007 CRF450 fork cartridge? I removed the Circ-lip on the cartridge as well as the oil lock collar, but the spring seats don't slide all of the way off. They get real tight at the end. I don't want to force anything. Thanks

if the spring seat doesn't slide off you have to remove the cap where the hydro lock collar sits.

Same procedure as changing the (blue) cartridge seal.

Ok. What's the procedure for that?

You have to remove a small amount of material from the cartridge itself. Sand it, file it, lathe, etc. It doesn't take much though.

Does the end of the cartridge thread off? It has a female hex end like you could use a large Allen wrench.

just file the tube down a bit till it slides off.

Heat the spring seat with a propane torch. That should expand the seat enough to slide over the end of the tube.

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