02 RM125 Questions.

Hi, my friend's wants to take up bike riding and were having a look at this RM tomorrow:


The chap says it's an 02, Im a yamaha guy but i guess the frames been painted as they're usually grey aren't they?

I've a few questions about them, How can i identify the year?, What to look out for?, How much gear oil's used? and finally what fuel-oil ratio should we run? will more than likely be run on moterex oil.


Best way to check the year is while you're with the bike ring a main dealer like ET James & read out the frame number to them, they can tell you age straight away.

Yes, frame has been painted. Also looks like it badly needs a new rear tyre, the chain needs checking & the rear chain guide (under the swingarm) seems damaged/partly missing. No doubt others will spot more- got any extra photos?

Oil ratio - I use Silkolene at 40:1, not sure about motorex but will be similar. Gear oil about 750ml.

First off man, Awesome idea getting your mate started on a 125, So many people jump to 250f and NEver learn good clutch control. I have an 02 rm 125 and my frame is yellow, comes stock that way i believe. ON the side of the bike, where the you pour the oil in, it says 750. But ive been told to put in 775 and dont worry about checking it. The Ratio i use is the 32:1 and i use 93 octane gas. And for identifying the Cerial #..Its on the right side of the frame, In front of the Gas tank, Near the Coolant Cap..

Any Mixing oil is fine, i get mine from the suzuki shop in town, "Super M"'s the name.

Look for any rust or unusal wear, Check the expansion chamber for holes rusted through. Just general things, ie, suspension, sprocket wear, Ask him about any Mantinence. Make sure when you test ride it you Runn it HArdd and keep her in the Powerband!!!

Hey I got a yellow frame 02 also! But I painted it, was gray. I say its an 02. Rear brake disk say 02, but the front has been changed (its drilled). Front brake line ran like that 01-03. Rear number plates say 01-02, but those get changed (03 up will fit).

Well we bought the bike today but theres a few small bits that need doing, The clutch was sticking but im well on top of that! it does also state 750ml of oil on the clutch cover easy to remember as its the same as my yz! The chain guide does need attention as pointed out but i think were gonna a new chain and sprockets on, Should the bike run a 520 chain and whats the stock gearing? Thanks again fellas!!

12/49 is the stock gearing.

12/49 is the stock gearing.

520 chain?

yes 520, non o-ring is best, rmatv has the primary drive kits cheap, about 70 US, don't know about int shipping though.

yes 520, non o-ring is best, rmatv has the primary drive kits cheap, about 70 US, don't know about int shipping though.

Thought it should be i swear it has a 428 on it! :smirk:

Thought it should be i swear it has a 428 on it! :smirk:
its possible, but 520 is the size

Stock gearing is 12/48...

I had an 02 that came with a gray frame. The rear chain guide under the swingarm needs to be replaced. It looks like the chain has ate all the way through it. I got a primary drive one for my 250 from rocky mountain. it seems to work well, and is reasonabley priced

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