Used Fun mover Need advice..

Apologies in advance.. I have read many thread and posts regarding what to look for but Im new to the RV market and dont know what i'm really looking at.

My wife and I are both mechanically inclined and an RV is a must in our situation. We've decided to get a Class C vs a 5th wheel for many reasons. Problem is, we dont know anyone personally with prior RV experience that can go with us to inspect a 2007 four winds 31D with 30k on the odometer.

I have called the local RV dealer to inquire about bringing in the unit to get inspected for the things that may not be so obvious (the things we are most worried about) and they acted like I had lobsters coming out of my ears. Spending 40-60k I want to get this thing looked at by a so called "pro".

The seller has the unit winterized, covered and the wheels covered and does not want to de winterize for us to check out all of the plumbing/systems? So should I wait until the weather warms up and then inspect it or does this sound shady from the start?

Also is it possible/easy to de-winterize a motor home to take a trip in the middle of winter? How feasible is this ?

So I dont know what to do, what would you do?

Anyone in the NJ area Free on Sunday?

Background info.. The wife and I both ride MX, she is a falconer with 3 hunting dogs (mini dachshunds),and we have 2 border collies. and we have no kids. The only way we can take a vacation is to take all or the majority of our animals with us. Hotel rooms are pretty small and we love to travel and drive.


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Please forgive the thread hijack...

I can't answer your RV question, but I'm hoping your wife can answer mine.

I rescued this bird from the middle of the road in Maryland a few years ago and turned it over to the state agency that deals with wildlife (the blazer in the background). The officer I left the bird with took this photo. I've always wondered exactly what type of hawk/falcon/eagle it may be. Forgive my ignorance...I just don't possess the knowledge that I'm guessing your wife does.

I noticed it looks very similar to the one in her photo. Can you/she tell me what species it is?




No sweat, from the picture I can tell that it is most likely a male juvenile red tailed hawk. The smaller size and the white chest and lack of a red tail are all signs. Second year birds are darker throughout and develop a bright red tail, and females are larger than males but the only way to accurately sex the bird is through a blood test.

Google RV checklist and start from there, dealer should be willing to walk through everything with you. It does not take long to winterize so if they want a sale they should be willing to run all the plumbing for you. My good friend has owned a 2005 V10 31 footer since new. Check around the front window above the bed area, his is prone to leaking all the time and has caused some water damage to the front wall. His water holding tank which is only 18 gal by the way had connections come loose, it is located under the kitchen bench seat behind the driver. They all seem to have different back doors but if the unit you are looking at has the roll type door ensure it goes all the way down and seals properly, seems to be a issue constantly where rain seeps in under my friends and soaks the garage area.

Good luck.

I'd be leery about them not wanting to charge the plumbing. If I was selling something for 40K I'd be more than happy to hook it up for you, and's really just draining and adding anti-freeze to the pipes (dumping the A-F down the drains). If plumbing is bad it will cost you BIG $$$ to replumb it, as the RV is built onto the plumbing (plumbing goes in, then walls go up). Go look somewhere else unless they really want to sell this thing. Would you buy a used car with out driving it?

You don't need to dewinterize to put pressure to the plumbing, you can pressurize it with the RV anti freeze. Take the intake side hose off the water pump, hook a hose onto it and dump the other end into the gallon of plumbing anti-freeze, then turn the pump on and pressurize the system.

I can't believe the RV dealer doesn't want to do a pre purchase inspection for you, the dealer I used to work at and the current repair center I work at now both offer such a service.

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