2/12-2/13 Denver Weekend Track Conditions


What do you folks think?

I'm too lazy to drive to Aztec for the race so I'm debating on VDR, Watkins, or IMI. Any thoughts on who will have the least muddy track?


IMI's MX track and parking lot were plowed to dirt yesterday. We have ripped the entire track today and will hit it with the tiller Saturday morning. There will be minimal mud in the usual low spots. Should be great conditions all weekend. We made some track changes for the first RMXA race of the season March 14 already and will be more making major changes to half the track this coming week.

berthoud mx track is 95% clear of snow a few slick spots. vdr terry

Over 150 riders can tell you today the best track conditions in CO this weekend are at IMI Motorsports.

Make that 151... I rode IMI for the first time in 5 years today.

Bravo, had a blast. Sure, it was a little muddy, but after all the snow, amazing it was as nice as it was.

Sunday will be really nice!!!! :smirk:

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