Wifes bike went to ????

What would cause a bikes front forks to get really, really soft. We were riding at Watkins In CO, lots of jumps, and her 225 just gave out. I know it is not a MX bike but she doesn't weigh 130 ( do not let here see that). The bike no longer has any resistance to the front forks. DUmb question I know but the 426 takes the jumps and wants a lot more so I dont really know what to think.

Let me know the make (I assume it's a TTR), and the year, and if it's both forks or just one, and if you have seen any oil lose.

With that, I'll check the design and give you some ideas.

My friend had a ttr 225 that did the same thing I tried to put oil in it but it does not have the same caps as my 426. I would be interested to know what the problem is the bike is a 2000 ttr225

Dave I think it is both of them. I rode it just to see and went over a few light bumps, caught a little air and it just bottoms out. I can honestly sit on it and push the front end down till bottom. Saw no oil and did clean it just the week before. You guys tell me cause I do not have a clue!!!!!

Time for the TTR225 to go I guess or she can keep it just for trail.


Even though you didn't see any oil leak out, it's a quick check and it may save you some money.

Other than that, the only thing I can offer up is a failed piston ring or compression tube. It's a rather simple system, but it would take some work to tear it down.

Perhaps one of the suspension shops has a fix that will allow the bike to take on a little more abuse.

You may also want to talk to these guys as well since they do a lot of stuff for the TTR. http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Home.htm

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


You also can go to your local auto shop and buy 2 valve springs (from a car) that will fit the in the diameter of the forks (my old XR200 forks fit the Honda CRX valves springs perfect) this will stiffen up the forks by putting ~2 inches of preload on the springs! (this little mod works great on the non bladder forks that the little trail bikes have like the XR200 and the TTR 225!) You also can use a 2 inche piece of PVC pipe (or whatever size fits! Also 15w stiffened my front end up considerably.

I would do the obvious by disassembling your forks and check to make sure the damper rod didnt come out of it's sheath im not sure what the "technical name" is for the part (my XR200 did this whenever ridden aggressively)

If you have never taken apart forks...they are very simple concept (especially on the smaller bikes like the TTR 225). The only really challenging part is taking out the "plug" on the bottom of the fork tube. Sometimes they can be hard to get out by hand in which you need an air impact tool. The reason why is the rod just spins if you do it by hand and wont come out unless you get it spinning fast enough with the air impact. Hope I didnt confuse you too much!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

thanks for the info. guys. Well back to the garage I guess! ( have to go kick around a few more cans of paint and see if that wont fix the problem)

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