Main Bearing Options.

I want to replace my main bearings before they give me any unwanted surprises. KTM wants 60 bucks a piece for the bearings. It's an older KTM 300 and I am curious to whether or not I have any options other than the OEM. At 120 bucks for 2 bearings, I feel that I would be bending over the barrel for them.

If anybody has any wisdom to share, please do.



Give this guy a shout. He's a great guy to deal with. He has done three cranks for me and I've ordered various bearings, gaskets, seals etc.

He'll take care of you.

Thanks for the info.

Andrew is top notch. IDK what brand I got, but the mechanic that rebuilt my low end charged me less than $40 for the crank bearings and seals.

First, look in your local phone book for bearing suppliers or distributors. Or talk to some shops that work on big trucks. Brand names to trust are Koyo or NTN.

We have one here and the 2 ladies at the desk so everything there is to know about bearings. I buy all my bearings there from crank to every internal part other than the topend bearing. I replaced every single bearing in my sons kx125 for less than $60 using all NTN.

OEM and AllBalls main were $60 for 2 bearings. His mains cost me $12ea.

All you need is the old bearings so they can either measure or get the numbers off of it.

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