New engine storage

Just got a new ccm e engine at good price in case mine implodes whats best way to store it ?? was just gonna leave in crate in house in a corner till needed will this be ok

without knowing how it was prepped before crating? Stored inside in a controlled temp low moisture area is a GREAT idea though. But I would check or prep it your self.

I would uncrate the motor, use some fogging oil in the cylinder, I'd spray some in every open case hole.. ... I would get some desiccant packs, bag the motor with desiccant inside.. And re crate.. Then mark your calendar in 3 months, uncrate and check the desiccant and visually the motor. If all is well, put her to sleep again until you need her.

Best way is to send it to me... I can store it here in dry Arizona storage and keep an eye on it for ya. :smirk:

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