2011 honda crf450

what year did they go to 4 spring cutch? pcking up new bike tommorow and kinda worried about the clutch

2009. Do worry about the clutch.

Like I said to you before, Some abuse their clutch, some dont. Seems some guys have "no" problem w/ it. And some of the negative remarks are from guys that dont ride the bike. Take opinions on here with a grain of salt.

A friend has a 10' and he has no issues with the clutch at all but he does not ride the clutch hard. I rode it for 20 mins and I had a few issues but I came off 2 strokes and have a bad habit of slip'n a clutch. I am working on it.

Honestly though with the power and EFI if your down shifting correctly most people on 450's should not be that hard on the clutch. They make plenty of power to pull anyone around. Just set the gearing up for your riding style or track and all should be good.

As stated, if you dont use your clutch it will last and you will probably be fine. If you do MX starts, ride ruts aggresively or just use your clutch under load once in a while, you will need to do something.

I took the Rekluse route, which is expensive but works great. Someone in this board said this bolt on 6 spring clutch worked fine:


Others get away with just stiffer springs (hinson sells them), cheap route but that will make your lever a bit harder.

Forgot to mention, Hinson sells a complete 6 spring clutch that works flawesly but its even more expensive than the Rekluse Core EXP

My 2011 has 40hrs now and the clutch is beginning to stiffen, is this the sign that I should start shopping for a new clutch?

I'd say if your an Intermediate rider or above the stock clutch isnt going to work. i have a 2011 with about 20 hours on it and im on my 4th set of heavy duty springs. If you dont keep fresh springs in the thing the clutch will slip even if you dont use it. When you start rolling the adjuster a lot replace the springs, if you got the money buy a 6 spring set up or hinsons new single spring set up looks great.

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