purchasing crf150f advice

Hi guys

Just looking at a dirt bike for the girl friend to rip around on and join me when i go riding. I was looking at the crf150f and wanted to know if it there were any major changes in these bikes over the years, ie. will say a 2004 be almost the same as a 2009? Just wondering if were better off buying a new one 3400 versus say a used at 1700 what are your opinions. Its just going to be used for putting around in trails nothing serious, just wanting a bike anyone can hop on and have fun.

I'd try and just find a used one, you might also consider a crf230, and or a xr200/250

They are all extremely reliable, last plenty of trouble free trail miles...

The only difference with 150f's is 05 and older is kick start, 06 and newer is electric. I believe all 230's are electric start

oh ok thanx any year will be fine then

I got the 150F for my girlfriend. I got her started on a KLX 110, to get the basics. Once she got the hang of that, it was on to the 150..... learning how to use the clutch.

I would suggest getting an 06 or newer with electric start. I think my girlfriend would have gotten tired of kick starting considering how much she would stall on the get-go, or forget to pull the clutch when stopping. That magic button is worth every penny for a beginner.


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