I need 620 RXC info...

Just came across a MINT 97 620 rxc.

I plan on using it strictly ON road, which mean turning it into a supermoto. I've always wanted to build one.

Where is a good place to get the correct wheels?

It has the stock edelbrock carb. Last owner never could get it running as good as he wanted. The research I've done is better suited as a paperweight. What is the best replacement? Mikuni? What carb comes on the SX or other 620's?

Any info at all on the LC4 motor and bike would be greatly appreciated!:smirk:


I'm pretty sure the edlebroch carb is not stock.Most came with either mikuni or del orto carbs.FXR is the most common replacement carb and work rather well i hear.I rejetted my mikuni on my 01 640 and have'nt had any problems.Contact edelbrock and let them know what you have and maybe they can help.RR

They did come with an Edelbrock and you need to richen the needle it will run much better. I sold them when they were new and thats what we had to do just to get them to run right. Or spend a lot of money on another carb, cables and throttle assy. And there are some great Pirellis you could put on those stock rims and save on buying supermoto 17 in plus your front brake would need to be replaced as well the stocker is not up to the job.

I was told the Edlebrock was junk as well. Bought a PHM40 Delorto on e-bay but there are many different configurations. Tried a Mikuni HSR 42 but could not get the off idle jetting correct after several hours on the dyno and using an air fuel siffer. I went back to the Edlebrock,a very simplistic design but after a few tries got it perfect. Easily does 100 mph on the street and I drive it to work every day. Wheelies too easy even with a 17/39 gearing.Used a 15/49 off road. I used Pirellis on stock rims as Motard wheels are very big bucks for me.:smirk:

Oh yea, the stock needle setting is 12 clicks out from full closed clock wise. Counter is leaner. Mine would stumble at 12 clicks out so I went a couple more counter. If it stumbles as you ease off the throttle it is still rich.:smirk:

Edelbrock was stock. It is junk. Keihin FCR is available in kit form ready to go from Sudco.

The front brake is quite large and plenty capable of stopping a 17" wheel.

From what I can see the wheels are around $1000. I really would like to put them on and do it right. I have quite a bit budgeted for this build. I'm never going to use this bike off road, ever.

I don't think you can fit a 140 on the stock rear rim.

Were is the best place to get the 17" rims?

I checked out the FCR kit from Sudco. I can't find a price for it, just an order number.

140/80-18 is the stock rear tire size. The rim is 2.50 width.

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