RM250 2 stroke

what was the last year RM250's brought into the states? would a 2008 be allowed to run at the Loretta Lynn's?

08 was the last,yes why wouldnt it

because im looking for a rm 250 2 stroke and i found an 06 and an 08 but when i talked to other people they were saying that they were thinking only 06 or 07 was the last year...if it wasnt sold in the united states it wouldnt be allowed.

FWIW: The '06 was the hardest hitting and considered to be the "quickest" of all the RM250's. '07 got a heavier crank which made it rev slower but hooked up better than the '06, it wouldn't beat an '06 to the first turn, but by hooking up better it would be easier to go faster on. The '08 was just an '07 with new graphics.

So if you like a hard hitting powerband then find a '06, find an '07 or '08 if you like a slower reving bike that hooks up better.

And if you are going to race against 450's then consider a big bore. Eric Gorr can bore it out to 295cc's, and then those 450's will have all they can do to keep you in sight.

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