Building whoops in a track

I have a very small track with a couple table tops and some burms. I want to add about 5 or 6 whoops in the back section. How far apart would you have the top center of each one. I would like to learn to just skip across the tops. I am an above average rider. Bike is a 09 KX250F. I'm thinking starting with the distance being the same as the distance from front to rear tire? To close?

No thats not too close. I am going to guess and say around 100 in. from top to top would be good. I guess it also depends on how small they are too. Just make them 2 1/2 ft tall at 100 in. apart. Now let me know when there done and Ill come try them out for ya. Frigin snow!!!:smirk:

Be prepared to repair them often. I had a set and they would wear down really quick. Alot of fun but :smirk:

the problem with building/learning whoops is ur gonna need alot more than five or six. if they are as close as you're saying, then you'd probably be able to set bounce the whole set. i usually jump about 3 or 4 whoops in before i start hammering them. you could build the 5 or 6, then just add to them though ofcourse. you'll find that when the set gets bigger, the last whoops are gonna have to be alot longer than 100" to accomodate speed, unless you just want a controlled even set.

I have been working on whoops on my track and i have them about 4 ft apart Top to Top. today i just finished forming them then im going to take a roller to them to pack them down a bit

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