Hour Meter Install

What a total nightmare, i have had hondas and kawasakis and you can just fire the hour meter wire right around the top of the coil. With the suzuki you have to go underneath the rubber seal and hog it out. Story short I grinded the rubber seal thinner so it would fit around the wires and the grinder caught the ol seal and ripped her up good. So I siliconed a nice seal so no water could get inside. It looks like hell but its effective. I saw other had had problems but didnt know what was wrong. You have to go lower it doesnt matter how many turns you do around the coil. Hope this helps someone, Cheers!

Wow..that does sound tuff.....just like you said..I have a KX250F...it was a breeze to install the hour meter....You would think they would come out with a hour meter for the Suzuki that would be easier than that.......

I had no problems with mine...well I did at first but the first hour meter I bought was faulty. After hooking it up every imaginable way, I took it back and exchanged it. Took the new one out and tried installing it the way I always have done and bingo, worked instantly.

It is a little tighter though, but I had no troubles after I had an hour meter that actually worked.

I was not able to get mine on because the boot it way to tight going down into the cylinder head. I tried everything and I said the hell with it. The PCV will give me all the info I need. Just sucks you got to hook up a laptop to see the info.

Just did this and thanks to this thread I have my hour meter working. What are you guys setting the PPR at 1 or 2?

Krony, Just grind the ribs off of the seal that goes over the coil. Wrap it a little under the seal and just grind it down or thin it out so the seal can still fit in the head. Its not too bad. I just put a small bead of silicone on the head where the seal goes over. And drilled a little hole through the seal. It looks really slick all you can see is a wire coming out the top of the seal. I Def wasnt impressed at what you had to do but I wanted an hour meter as im totally anal with my maintenance. ANd the setting is .5 for the works connection meter not sure which one you have.

Got the TTO one and it has 0.5 as one of the settings. Thanks for that.

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